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September 5

September 6, 2014

I received a text message today, and I’m not one for texts,
and I tried to respond via text as that’s the way things seem to be done
but after typing the first two words I realized I couldn’t type any…anymore
and that I’d have to use my words no matter how hard they would be to find.


Home for the Holidays

September 6, 2014

Yes, the holidays are hard for those that have lost someone.
I know.
I understand.
My family knows and understands as well.

My daughter woke up this morning and wanted someone to help her use the bathroom, as
She was afraid.
My wife got up to help her but I had to go as well.
My wife stood in the doorway letting me know I was third in line to pee tonight.

As I stood there, I wondered how long until work the next day.
3:16 a.m.
That means two hours and forty-four minutes until I start the coffee, and the day.
Whew, I’ll have a chance to sleep after we all have a chance to pee.

3:16 a.m.