A Rock

I’ve heard it said, I’ve heard about a rock and I’ve heard about an island.
I know I’ve got one, not sure which, maybe an anchor.
She asked me what I’d be doing without her and I know exactly what I’d be doing.
It ain’t pretty and it ain’t something you wanna know.

She asked me if I’d be something special and I know.
It ain’t special and it ain’t pretty.
I’d be all those things you don’t want to know and all those things you
can’t imagine me being, but I’ve got an anchor.

Yeah, that’s me.
I’m that guy.
But I’ve got my anchor and I’ve got
what keeps me from being that guy.

I’m a bar fight. I’m a gun shot.
I’m a guy in an alley puking more alcohol
than you’ve had in a year.
I’m that guy, save my anchor.

I’m a prison sentence.
I’m a .45 waiting for a reason.
I’m a strong right hand and a broken jaw.
I’m that guy, save my anchor.

She asks me what I’d be had we not met,
and I’ll tell you what,
you don’t want to know.


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