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February 3, 2012

I had a dream you outwalked me and I looked on and thought how does he do it.
I thought about arm wrestling with my father.
I remembered when you would lift me into the air and I wondered, how high I could go because of you.

One day you would lift me and I would grow as tall as the refrigerator and you would ask me to leave and I would be ready to outwalk you and take on all things and I would be the toughest until I wasn’t, but before then I would forget the poem about the wrestling. There would be nothing I couldn’t accomplish, because of you.

Then I would wake from the dream and see you not outwalk me and I would remember the wrestling, even if you didn’t, and I would wish for just a little while, and for a small amount you would pull my arm down or outwalk me and you would lift me one more time.

Then I would lift my own child and think this how it ends.