True Loneliness

True loneliness is sitting on your bed watching tv in one room while the woman you love sits in another typing on a computer and lol with virtual friends while you think about all the hours that pass every day not spending time together and not taking the time to talk it through and when you do she says she has to work but she lol while typing on a computer and after she’s spent nine hours away at work and now you’re trying to find a way to pass the time she might be there if she takes a break long enough to tell you about her day and you want to tell her about yours but nothing happened while you waited for her to get home knowing she was going to log in and tune you out but you hear her lol while you fix dinner and then you’ll get fifteen minutes to hear about her day before you clear the dishes from the table and she starts to lol again with her virtual friends and you think about how many hours are in the day and how many minutes in that day you actually spend together doing things you both used to love to do with each other and how many times you actually laughed out loud and you think about how now only one person ever lol and you think you know true loneliness.


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