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Spouses – Late from work

January 13, 2010

Before I start I must admit my own derilection in regard to the exact same thing.

As a stay-at-home dad there are some things that I am solely responsible.  What I’m speaking of is dinner.  When I worked full time I wanted to fix dinner, but my wife was the first one home.  She took it upon herself to fix the family meal.  I got home and often thought, “Damn, I want to cook.  I like to cook.”  Unfortunately it made more sense for the first one home to start dinner.  And, or course, there were the kids that expected to eat when they got home from daycare.

What’s the opposite of fast forward…

I’m five years old, a latch key kid and making my own snacks before Mom get’s home.

I’m eight years old, a latch key kid, making my own snacks and snacks for my younger brother.

On and on it goes…I’m 14 and making “pizza” out of “rustic” rolls and Ragu.

I’m now 35 and wish I’d have gone to culinary school.  I love cooking.  I’m coming home every night to a meal prepared and no options to make dinner because I have to work late.  Oh, honey, I’m leaving the office in 10 minutes (which means 20).  Oh, honey, I’ve either got to work late or go in early (which means I’ve got to work late AND come in early).  I’m going in at 5:30AM, meeting the “cleaning lady” in the office as she empties the trash and I start handling claims.  Then, all of the sudden…I’m in charge of dinner.  Did I just get fired working 12 – 14 hour days???

Well, I know this little post has gone on and on.  What I’m getting at, and what I’ve been getting at for the last year and a half is “DINNER IS READY AND WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!!!”  Yep, I’ve had about the 300th dinner in a row where I’m trying to get ahold of the better half, wondering, well, will the rice be rice or some sort of “goo”…will the shrimp bounce along like silly putty or be edible…will the pork be tender or be as dry as the sawdust in the garage?  I try not to “blog” about what “peeves” me, but if you’re a stay-at-home whatever and you’re trying to make dinner you know what I’m trying to say, and it’s “JUST F*CKING CALL AND TELL ME YOU AREN’T GOING TO BE HOME ON TIME SO THE NICE DINNER YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE IS GOING TO END UP LIKE SPACKEL AND BULLSH*T NO ONE WANTS TO EAT ANYWAY!”  Yeah, I guess you can tell, she called me about five minutes AFTER she was supposed to be home and said, “Oh, honey, I’m leaving in like five minutes” (which I still remember from my own days of doing the same thing means I’m leaving in no sooner than ten minutes and probably closer to 20 minutes).  So, dinner’s 30 minutes on the stove just getting soupy, crusty, spongy, hard and inedible, gummy, pasty, chewy, etc., etc. and she’s going to come home and say, “Huh, the shrimp seem overcooked (so is the rice, so is the cheesy grits, so is the brocolli, so is the steak, so is the wilted salad, so is the pork, why are the croutons soggy, why is the chicken so dry, why isn’t the crust on the fish “crusty”).  Well, I think you get the point, wifey came home late…again.

Whew…I sure hope my wife doesn’t read this 😉


First Crushes

January 8, 2010

We started the school year walking to school.  This afforded me the opportunity to meet many of the fathers and mothers of the children in Thomas’ kindergarten class.  I’m terrible with names and only remember two, the woman with the same name as me (although I’m sure she doesn’t spell it Aaron), and the woman with the “twins”.

It started with, “Dad, those girls are twins”.  My response was, “Oh, yeah, they do look alike”.  Well, it seems Thomas has a crush on the twins and the twins appear to like Thomas as much or more than he likes them.  I didn’t know it was more than just being interested in a pair of people.  A set of twins might be interesting to a kid Thomas’ age that hasn’t had the opportunity to see many twins.  Even more interesting might be that the twins are identical twins.  Then it happened.

I was getting Thomas in the car, trying to hurry so I wouldn’t be any more late picking up Anna than I already was when Thomas got a weird smile on his face and looked at me to see if I saw what he saw.  I hadn’t, but he didn’t know that.  He was embarrassed and said, “She blew a kiss to me.  That’s weird.  Why would she do that.”  I could tell he was trying to play it like he had no idea why someone would do that so I had to try to embarrass him.  I said, “Well, she probably likes you.”  Again Thomas face contorted with embarrassment.

Since that Fall day his crush seems to go back and forth between the twins.  Sometimes when I pick him up he gets a hug from one and sometimes it’s the other.  He doesn’t seem to mind which one it is.  Seems they both have to make a point of saying, “Goodbye Thomas”, and he has to say goodbye to them.  After speaking with their mother it seems it stems to their playing at home.  Thomas is always the guest of honor at their imaginary “tea parties” (or whatever kind of parties five year old girls have).

I of course get the opportunity to ask him about the girls every few days to see if he’s still interested.  He is.  Cara hugged him on Wednesday.  He did ask me why his mother and I keep teasing him.  I didn’t realize he realized we were teasing him.  So, long before I thought it might happen, Thomas has his first crush, and it’s identical twins.  I told him it’s too bad it happened in kindergarten and not college, but I don’t think he has any idea what I’m talking about 😉