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Christmas – woo hoo!!!

December 30, 2009

The kids loved Christmas and we now have many little toys and toy pieces scattered around the house.  All in all, everyone was happy with how things went and the wife made a delicious Christmas dinner.

Thomas couldn’t sleep.  He was awake for at least an hour or two before he got up the last time.  I asked him what he was still doing up and he said, “I just want to see him in person”.  I had to tell him that Santa would “poof” disappear and take the presents along with him.  To that he went back to bed and didn’t wake up all night.

Anna on the other hand, went to sleep and stayed asleep, no getting up and asking questions about Santa!  We were lucky enough to get a pocket video camera so we could get the kids screaming and tearing into the wrapping paper on HD!!!

I got a wool blanket, Filson Mackinaw wool blanket.  You only need to buy one of those once in your life.

So, I hope all went well for all that read this blog.  Christmas was good for us, and I hope for you.