A month since school has started

It’s been a month now and Thomas has already started saying, “Homework is borning.”  What?  How can he already not like homework, it’s only been sent home on Fridays.  I’ve got to figure it out methinks, or we’ll have a long-term issue.  Hmmm.

Anna has been going to pre-school twice a week and she LOVES it.  Every time I take her she is excited about it, and even more excited when I pick her up.  She’s not excited because we’re going, but rather she’s excited to tell me about all the things they do.  It’s funny though because I can ask her what she learned and she’ll say something like, “We made a camel face with glue.”  I like to follow up and ask her why, are they learning about the letter “C”.  Her typical response is, “I don’t know.”  She’ll say something like, we talked about carrots, cards, cat, crickets but I guess she hasn’t caught on yet that she’s learning about the letter “C”.  They have snacks at pre-school too, so this week it was cake.  I asked her what letter cake starts with.  You guessed it, “I don’t know.”  They’re going through all of the letters so next week I’m sure it’ll be dogs, donuts, dollar.

So, any suggestions on how to get Thomas to fall in love with homework, or get Anna to realize she’s actually supposed to take something from eating “cake” the week they learn about the letter “C”?


2 Responses to “A month since school has started”

  1. Susan Says:

    The question is, who loves homework and who doesn’t love kake?

  2. Susan Says:

    Do you have the blog about little girls’ butt cracks showing because their pants are too low?

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