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School just started and my son’s all grown up?

September 15, 2009

Today was my son’s second day of kindergarten.  Due to my daughter’s pre-school schedule we’ll all be walking to kindergarten three days a week and driving two days a week.  So, as we pulled into the parking lot today (I was going the wrong way and there was a nice woman waving a “STOP” sign at me as I tried to pull into the bus parking area) and found a parking space my son grabbed his backpack, jumped out of the truck and started running.  I yelled, “Wait, wait, wait.  Wait for us.”  He turned around and said, “I can do it by myself.”

Anna climbed out of the truck as Thomas waited, impatiently.  He again said, “I can do it by myself.”  I said to him that he had to wait for me and his sister so we could all walk together from the parking lot because there were cars.  We crossed to crosswalks to the sidewalk where he turned and said, “You can go now.”  Confused I asked him if he didn’t want me to walk with him anymore and he said no.  I was a little perturbed so I said, “Oh, you just want me to pull up front and drop you off from now on?”  To my surprise and dismay he said, “Yeah, drop me off next time.”  I didn’t even know he would know what I meant.  I reminded him that we were all walking to school tomorrow and he said that was ok, that we could walk tomorrow, but when we drive I need to drop him off in front of the school and leave.

When did he start kindergarten again, yesterday?  When did he grow up and not need his dad anymore, last night?  I was not at all sad when he started school like some of the mothers were on that first day, but all be d*mned if I didn’t almost tear up a little when I realized he wasn’t going to be excited having me walk with him to his class anymore.

At least Anna still loves me, at least for another year, I hope!