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C. C. Filson Company

August 10, 2009

I don’t really know how I found out about Filson clothes.  I think my dad must have been talking about clothing worn by loggers or something and I must have done an Internet search.  Anyway, sometime around 1998 or 1999 I got my first Filson stuff, a hat or a belt, maybe both.  I can’t remember for sure my first Filson item.  Regardless of whether it was a belt or a hat, I still have it, as I still have all of my Filson stuff.  I still have my double belt, from sometime in 1998 or 1999 and wear it everyday.  I’d say I’ve worn it 350 days a year or more for over ten years, so I guess I’ve worn it at least 3500 days since I got it.  Filson describes it as “a belt so strong you may use it as a tool in a pinch”.  I can imagine doing that.  After 3500 days of wear it’d certainly be strong enough to use as a tool, in some way, maybe as an engine hoist or something.

My hat, a “tin cloth” bush hat, has been around just as long I’m sure.  Although I don’t wear it everyday it’s ten years old or more now.  Maybe rougher than manzanita or scrub oak trying to scratch it or tear it are my two kids, almost six years old and four years old.  Recently a wooden bead on the chin strap broke.  I was surprised, at least until I found out that my son (almost six years old) had been trying to use the chin strap to use as a sort of rope swing when jumping off of my bed.  I guess that ten year old wooden bead just couldn’t take the forty or fifty pound six year old swinging on the chin strap.  I called Filson and explained I needed to purchase a new one and asked for a price.  It was shipped to me for free.  I didn’t even have to pay for shipping.  That’s the kind of company Filson is, which is pretty unique.

Now, I’ve got tin chaps, a double logger coat, another hat, wool vest and my newest addition is a set of wool bibs.  I’ve gotta say that I can imagine my other Filson stuff to be just as tough as my original leather belt and bush hat.  I’ve used my chaps for hunting pheasant and quail and Filson tin cloth doesn’t fear to tread where other materials would be torn.  My tin cloth clothing just seems to get better with age, with proper break-in.  When hunting I’ve been asked by hunting buddies, “Hey, how about getting in there and seeing if you can kick up a bird?”  Why do they ask me, because they don’t want to get their nylon, polyester, Gore-tex pants caught on a bramble or thorn, but they know my Filson tin cloth gear just seems to eat that stuff up.

Their wool is second to none, and I’ve owned the other major players in wool clothing.  Filson just seems to make the heaviest, best stuff if that’s what you’re after.  When I got my wool vest I thought to myself, is this thing bullet proof?  It sure is heavy, but when the weather goes bad I’ve been toasty warm camping in the snow at 18-degrees wearing long underwear and a Filson wool vest up top.  Now, I can’t wait for the weather to get nasty, because I’ve got wool bibs and I’m itching to get outside in some cold weather (maybe it’s all this wool that’s giving me the itch).

Why am I going on and on about Filson clothes?  I guess I’ve just been really impressed with their products since I got my first item.  They don’t wear out.  They are made in the USA (at least a lot of their items are).  They’ve got great customer service.  And, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Filson advertisement.  A company that can do all that, and survive based on the quality of their gear needs word of mouth advertising, so that’s where we are right now.

If you need a wool blanket, need clothing for a gold rush mining operation or just want to support a US company making high-end products, Filson is where you’ll find them.  Check them out!