…it has begun

I wrote prior about my daughter’s “sassy” underwear.  She’s only three, so she ought to stay a little girl a while longer, anyway, to the point of this post.  I’m not sure if I should describe it or just post the photo!

Is that lipstick????

Is that lipstick????













I don’t know what she was thinking, or what gave her the idea to “paint” her lips blue, but I think she got the idea she could use a marker as a “lipstick” like Mom or Grammie.  She was painting her lips and then kissing a piece of paper to make kisses on the paper for Mommy.  She sure was excited about what she was doing.

It was cute, and really funny at the time; although, I did think to myself, about having a girl, “it has begun.”  Isn’t she too young for makeup…even if it is a washable marker?  I’m glad she wasn’t using one of the permanent colored markers we have in the house!


One Response to “…it has begun”

  1. Susan Says:

    I wonder why they are shirtless so often in these pictures!

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