Underwear for a 3 year old; it has begun

Well, Anna needed underwear, panties I guess (I’m going to call them underwear, because panties makes me uncomfortable for some reason 🙂 ).

She got some she really likes, as a matter of fact she didn’t want to change them today (but she did!).  They have a “bunny” on them and say, “Nobody’s perfect.  I’m as close as it gets.”  I’ve gotta say I sure didn’t think it’d start so young, having goofy sayings on her underwear.  I mean, sure I had some underoos, Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, you know we all had them right.  That was different though.  Why does underwear have to have some goofy saying and a cheesy “happy bunny”?  Does that mean in a few more years she’ll be walking around the mall in some shorts that are too short with the word “PINK” across her butt?  What am I in for?  I’ll tell you this much, she’s not going out in her pajamas and flip flops!


2 Responses to “Underwear for a 3 year old; it has begun”

  1. Susan Says:

    What will we do? There is too much Brittany Spears, Hannah Montana, and whoever the “man” creates to sell our kids stuff! Atleast you got her to change her panties.

  2. abbebusoni Says:

    I’m buying slightly oversized white cotton boxers for both of our kids. No logos, uncomfortable tags, crispy featureless white cotton!!!

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