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…it has begun

July 25, 2009

I wrote prior about my daughter’s “sassy” underwear.  She’s only three, so she ought to stay a little girl a while longer, anyway, to the point of this post.  I’m not sure if I should describe it or just post the photo!

Is that lipstick????

Is that lipstick????













I don’t know what she was thinking, or what gave her the idea to “paint” her lips blue, but I think she got the idea she could use a marker as a “lipstick” like Mom or Grammie.  She was painting her lips and then kissing a piece of paper to make kisses on the paper for Mommy.  She sure was excited about what she was doing.

It was cute, and really funny at the time; although, I did think to myself, about having a girl, “it has begun.”  Isn’t she too young for makeup…even if it is a washable marker?  I’m glad she wasn’t using one of the permanent colored markers we have in the house!


Alone on my birthday

July 22, 2009

My wife decided to give me the best gift of all, for a SAHD, several days alone.  That meant I was spending my birthday alone.  I’m not really sure what to make of it.  I got a few days without anyone around.  I went camping and spent those days, several, saying hi to about two people.  Whew, that was different.  Different, but not necessarily good.  I missed my wife and kids like you wouldn’t believe.  I looked at some pictures that were on the camera of my daughter and son and missed ’em dearly.  I thought about stuff that was funny, funny to me and the only person that understands me, my wife.

I had a good birthday, alone.  It was both a happy and sahd way to spend a birthday.  I got a chance to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but I sure missed “daddy, daddy, daddy” and I sure missed walking into my room and seeing all the pillows on the floor and a kid in mid-flight jumping as high as they could off my bed giving me a look of “oh no, when did he walk in???”

Well, it’s been a few days and the family will be home in a few more.  I guess I better go savour the sleeping in, although I still wake up at  6:00AM wondering where everyone is…and I still have to put on Playhouse Disney just so things seem normal.

Underwear for a 3 year old; it has begun

July 6, 2009

Well, Anna needed underwear, panties I guess (I’m going to call them underwear, because panties makes me uncomfortable for some reason 🙂 ).

She got some she really likes, as a matter of fact she didn’t want to change them today (but she did!).  They have a “bunny” on them and say, “Nobody’s perfect.  I’m as close as it gets.”  I’ve gotta say I sure didn’t think it’d start so young, having goofy sayings on her underwear.  I mean, sure I had some underoos, Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, you know we all had them right.  That was different though.  Why does underwear have to have some goofy saying and a cheesy “happy bunny”?  Does that mean in a few more years she’ll be walking around the mall in some shorts that are too short with the word “PINK” across her butt?  What am I in for?  I’ll tell you this much, she’s not going out in her pajamas and flip flops!