My new friend

I have a new friend, and she’s a woman.  I’m a stay-at-home-dad (SAHD, pronounced sad).  I’m responsible for taking the kids to pre-school, to gymnastics and coming up with fun things to do during the week.  When that is your job you have the opportunity to spend a lot more time with a lot more women than you might otherwise.  Women are cool, right?  Well, it seems they are when you’re looking for a date…but maybe they aren’t when you’re looking for a “play date”.

I take Anna to gymnastics once a week, on Wednesday.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a boy’s club, but I didn’t know the mothers would be touching knuckles with their daughters after class and saying things like, “Girl Power”.  I guess I didn’t realize it would be such a girl’s club.  It’s been well over six months now and I still don’t know anyone’s name.  I’ve spoken to a few mothers and gotten a token, “Your daughter’s leo is cute” (a leo is short for leotard).  Of course trying to speak gymnastics to a gymnastics mom (similar to a soccer mom I guess) makes me feel like a “reotard”.

At pre-school it’s about the same, however there is one woman with which I’ve seemed to click (or should it be clique).  I’ve been out of work and staying home with the kids since July of 2008 and I’ve made a friend.  Isn’t that pathetic?  Susan teases me about my new friend, my new “girlfriend” as she says.  Women call their friends girlfriends, right?  Guy’s call their girl friends honey, right?  Anyway, I’ve got a friend, and I get a bunch of sh*t about it, but that’s ok.  We now have “play dates”, go to each other’s houses for lunch, have the kids to run around and have a good time and wreak havoc on the other’s otherwise clean house.  We try to get together once a week for the kids to play, and to drink beer (us, not them).  It’s fun even if it isn’t natural in a world that much more recognizes the SAHM, rather than the SAHD.

So, look for updates to the blog that include “Ellie”.  She’s the four year old girl that went to pre-school with Thomas and will go to pre-school with Anna starting in September.  Oh, and of course there’s Julie, or as I’ve entered in my phone JulieEllie, Ellie’s mother.


6 Responses to “My new friend”

  1. Tara Bender Says:

    I liked this entry…don’t be too hard on yourself for being a man – even as a woman, I never quite fit in with the Mom crowd (in fact, I managed to get away with never having to schedule a play date. And for the record, I would be your friend, too. 🙂

  2. abbebusoni Says:

    Thanks! I knew you’d understand, even if you are a woman 😉

  3. Susan Says:

    Well, he forgot to mention that he got a mohawk to impress his new BFF. She is very nice (and cute.) Luckily I am a secure woman. Let’s also not forget the time he told me — “You know that salad dressing your are always ‘trying’ to make. Well, Julie really makes a good one.” For the record, I was not “trying.”

  4. abbebusoni Says:

    I’ll never live that one down…aren’t you going to bring up the haircut comment too 😉

  5. Susan Says:

    Sure…the other loving comment my SAHD made when asked about my new haircut was, “It looks like you given up trying to look young.” Let the gallery decide…

  6. abbebusoni Says:

    Well, you’re taking it out of context!

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