Our first fishing trip

The kids and I went fishing today.  They’d practiced casting, a lot.  They had some fishing poles, likely bought at Wal Mart, with a princess theme for Anna and a super hero theme for Thomas.  Yesterday Anna and I made the trek to the local sporting good store and bought some semi-real rods and reels.

After getting the rods rigged up with the kids favorite lures, a white mini-jig for Anna and a chartreuse jig with a purple plastic worm for Thomas (I couldn’t convince them of any other “bait”), we walked down to the lake.  Both Thomas and Anna did very well casting into the lake.

We spent about thirty minutes or so casting and reeling in the line.  Anna’s favorite part was reeling so it was up to me to cast, cast, cast and cast some more.  After the thirty minutes Thomas lost interest and wanted to throw rocks into the lake.   I told Thomas, “You’re going to scare the fish”.  His response, “Dad, there’s no fish in there.  We’ve been here forever and there’s no fish.”  I guess fishing is the perfect test of patience for a kid.


3 Responses to “Our first fishing trip”

  1. Susan Says:

    You forgot the part that Thomas told you “Dad you tricked us by telling us there were fish here to get us here.” Smart kid.

  2. Ace! Says:

    Yeah, wait until I take them squatching!

  3. Susan Says:

    More please.

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