Comme des vagues roulantes

I hope I got all the accents and grammar right on this.  I wrote it for Susan almost 16 years ago.

Comme des vagues roulantes,

sa chevelure en cascade,

en bas de ses epaules

et en travers de sa poitrine.


Et moi,

dans une rivage oppose,

je me souviens d’une nuit belle

avec un femme belle.


6 Responses to “Comme des vagues roulantes”

  1. susanprunty Says:

    Do you translate for us that can’t remember high school french?

  2. abbebusoni Says:

    Nope, but it’s pretty romantic 🙂

  3. susanprunty Says:

    Maybe the author doesn’t remember….

  4. Aaron Says:

    Like rolling ocean waves
    her hair cascades
    down her shoulders
    and across her breast

    And I,
    on an opposite shore,
    remember a beautiful night
    with a beautiful woman

  5. Susan Says:

    So sweet…what a husband!

  6. Susan Says:

    When do we get more poetry?

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