Daddy, Daddy, Dad, Dad, Daddy

I love being a dad, a stay at home dad even, but every now and then I just can’t take another, “Daddy, Daddy, Dad, Dad, Daddy”.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  I mean can I get a minute of free time, just quiet, maybe even a quiet 15 minutes to watch television or just think about something more adult than a three or five year old.  Instead, it seems my entire day is full of one child or the other saying, “Daddy, can you get me a brown crayon,” or, “Dad, can I have a snack,” or, “Daddy, why do you get to make the rules, why don’t I get to make the rules”.

Sometimes I have to wonder, do these kids know I have a blog?  I mean obviously right?  They must read it, just like the other two or three people out there reading it, right?

Uh oh, I hear an “oh Daddy, I need help wiping my bottom” and that’s not going to wait.


4 Responses to “Daddy, Daddy, Dad, Dad, Daddy”

  1. Susan Says:

    With each “Daddy” there is also “daddy I love you.”

  2. Aaron Says:

    Thank you for that reminder. You’re absolutely right.

  3. happiestmommies Says:

    I got so tired of hearing “Mommy, Mommy, MOOOMMMEEEEE!” the other day that I yelled, “Hey! Stop that! If you keep it up, you’re going to get into trouble and go to time out!”

    The-two-year-old mocking bird’s reply: “Hey, Hey HEEEEYYYY! Trouble! TIME OUT, MOMMY!”

    For a moment, I considered going to another room and doing just that.

  4. Aaron Says:

    That’s funny, but sometimes I wish there was a switch and you could just flip it and…silence. Gotta love ’em though, they’re all amazing little people.

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