Isn’t a fish stick just a fish stick?

Well, as usually happens at meal time, Thomas hates whatever I’m making and Anna is excited I’m making her favorite (regardless of what I’m making).  Today was fish sticks for lunch, with broccoli and fruit snacks.  For whatever reason Thomas always picks at least one part of the meal that is “disgusting”.  I guess today it was fish sticks.  As usual he started with his usual objections, then told me I make them wrong and then that they weren’t the fish sticks he likes, that Jeannie makes (the day care provider where he used to go).

The fish sticks I buy are pretty good.  I in fact like them.  They are from Costco, have less breading and more fish (or so the package claims).  They should be relatively healthy compared to other products out there.  They aren’t the cheapest fish stick out there, in fact, they aren’t cheap at all.  However, none of that matters.  What matters is will the kids eat them.  The answer to that is, not without a fight.  So, I’ve contacted Jeannie, gotten the name of the fish sticks she buys, from Grocery Outlet and will make my best attempts to buy the least expensive, least flavorful, most breaded fish sticks I can get my hands on.

At the very least my heart was warmed a little when I did an Internet search and found no fish were actually harmed in the making of the fish sticks Thomas likes.  Seems it’s breading with a fish like texture and flavor added in the middle!  Good for those little fishies.

Now, I’m stuck with eating the rest of the 10 pound Costco bag of fish sticks.  Oh well, I like fish sticks, and I can always get Anna to tell me they are her favorite meal!


4 Responses to “Isn’t a fish stick just a fish stick?”

  1. Susan Says:

    The fact that you would research your son’s preference of fish stick just cracks me up. What a great dad…and chef. Maybe you could just serve the fish sticks from Costco and say they are chicken!

  2. happiestmommies Says:

    Yes, good for those fishies! I am falling out of my seat right now!

  3. Jeannie Says:

    What??? There’s no fish in those fish sticks?? NO wonder the kids like them so much!! Seriously though, dont’ Nuke them, bake them and they’ll probably eat the Costco ones!

  4. abbebusoni Says:

    Alright, alright, I have to say, Jeannie is 100% right. Even though I bagged on her fish sticks, she is right about what kids will and will not eat. I fixed them again last night for the kids and they were MUCH better. Thomas still didn’t want to eat them, but he did. One funny thing though, he said, “Dad, you fixed them wrong again, you said you were going to ask Jeannie.” This was before he even touched them, he just assumed I was going to screw them up again. Well, baked in the oven they were much better and although he didn’t want to eat them, he didn’t complain nearly as much.

    And, I’m sure the one’s Jeannie fixed have plenty of fish in them 🙂

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